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Ms. Martine is a student about to graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in law at University of Kigali where she participated in moot competitions during her time at the University giving her ability to think about legal problems and being able to resolve them in different ways both in Court and out-of-court with zeal and confidence.

At Stabit Advocates, Ms Martine is fundamental in the development of the law firm’s work in areas of legal drafting, legal reviewing, legal letter writing and doing legal research among many others. She has proven herself to be reliable to the firm in the way she delivers assignments to clients on time and without any delay.

Ms. Martine interned at the Parliament of Rwanda in the chamber of deputies in 2019 where she attained knowledge on many things such as how laws are voted for article by article and the whole law itself along with the committee that presents to the entire plenary, also how to interpret laws among many other skills.

She speaks Kinyarwanda, English, Rukiga, Luganda and she has working knowledge of French.

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