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At Stabit Advocates, we are a full service law practicing firm and we provide all legal and related services both locally and abroad. Our lawyers are determined to provide the best services in their areas of expertise while developing their own skills and expertise. Our Main areas of practice include;

Corporate & Commercial transactions, Banking & Financial Law, Energy, Mining, Litigation and Arbitration, Consultancies and Business Development, Employment and Labour Law, Land Conveyance, Loans and Mortgages Documentation, Intellectual property rights, Environment and Land Law, Business Negotiation, Mediation and Conciliation among others.

1. Corporate & Commercial Transactions.

Our corporate and commercial transactions team comprises a corporate advisory team and banking and finance team which cover a variety of practice areas which include inter alia mergers and acquisitions, investment advisory, energy and mining, banking, employment, real estate, immigration and general corporate and commercial advisory.

Our corporate lawyers have proven experience in corporate matters and have established themselves as key to granting expert advice in as far as corporate advisory matters are concerned.

At Stabit we encourage our lawyers to focus on improving their legal skills and capacities and as a result, the team regularly conducts in house training on commercial law as a way of continuous legal improvement.

2. Legal Consultancy.

The firm provides legal advice in all business transactions and also gives business support. Our business support extends to reviewing and drafting legal documents, contracts and agreements, and proffering legal advice thereon, rendering legal advice and opinions relating to the Clients’ business affairs, and ensuring compliance with national legal environment. Our expert lawyers provide legal support during business establishment and guide our clients on which legal documents to use in various business operations.

3. Corporate Training and Transactions.

We train staff from firms and companies through seminars and other modes on various legal aspects affecting their businesses commonly including but not limited to human resource training on employment laws, policy development and management, restructuring and retrenchment, contract management, execution of documents, corporate authorizations, consents and permissions.

We draft, prepare and file corporate charter documents, including amendments and merger documents, we develop checklists for the proper formation and operation of each of the different forms of entities; we prepare minute books and procure corporate seals; we prepare and file all documentation necessary to register or qualify an entity in one or more foreign jurisdictions; we draft minutes;  we draft board resolutions; we draft and prepare the many documents required for shareholders’ meetings; and draft resolutions and other documents required to implement dividends and distributions as well as stock splits.

4. Intellectual Property.

We correspond with the Uganda Registration Services Bureau; we manage foreign patent and trademark applications and registrations; we perform trademark searches; we perform prior art patent searches; we assist with opposition and cancellation matters; we draft, prepare and file copyright filings and notices; we draft intellectual property licenses and assignments; we proofread technical documents; and assist with IP due diligence for business transactions.

5. Legal Auditing and Corporate Compliance.

The firm carries out examination on clients’ documentations to point out legal risks likely to be faced by the client, devising means of curing such risks and assessing whether the client is complying with the set standards.

6. Business Registration.

The firm does registration of all forms of business associations including but not limited to partnerships, companies, business names and NGOs. The firm further gives support to ensure that the business is ready to start operating and this includes processing the necessary licenses, Uganda Revenue Authority registrations among others.

7. Real Estate Management.

Our business support services extend to real estate. Under this area, we help our clients search for the most suitable location for their real estate businesses, we help our clients in the purchase of land and we register the land on behalf of our clients.

We also help our clients comply with the physical planning of the various areas in which they acquire property. After the erection of the buildings, we help our clients get tenants to occupy the premises.

Our services further involve formalizing our clients’ contractual relationship with their tenants by working on all the necessary paper work including tenancy agreements among others. We also do rent collection and deliver all the collected monies to our clients at their convenience and do debt collections from tenants who are defaulting on their rent.

8. Land Transactions.

The firm carries out business touching land transactions including negotiating for clients and drafting agreements, subdivisions and consolidations, transfers, opening boundaries, condominiums registration and cancellation of all types of bonds including mortgages among others. We order title searches, we draft leases and lease assignments, amendments and exclusions; we review plans and surveys; we prepare mortgage releases; we prepare title abstracts; and also prepare, distribute and administer landlord consents.

9. Litigation.

Members of the team have been involved in many ground breaking and scalable cases, in the areas of employment law, contract law and banking law. The team has distinguished itself in area of labour law litigation, banking and finance litigation, commercial litigation, corporate debt recoveries, realization of securities.

The team also handles arbitration, both local and international and some members of the team have distinguished themselves as very skilled arbitrators.

10. Mining, oil and energy Law.

The team members have proven themselves to be competent and highly skilled in areas of energy and mining. They have represented vast energy companies both local and abroad.

11. Employment & Labour Law.

Stabit Advocates also handles Labour issues for its Clients. Labour law (also known as labor law or employment law) is a dimension of legal practice where at Stabit Advocates, we mediate the relationship between workers, employing entities, trade unions, governments and such related institutions.

Collectively labour law relates to the tripartite relationship between employee, employer and union which gives us the mandate to act and represent Our Clients in such issues as circumstances may deem it fit.

12. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

At Stabit Advocates, we value Our Clients contacts and this is why despite the issues and/or disputes between the parties; we depend on your interests and where applicable, we also use the Alternative dispute resolution mechanisms to settle these differences.

13. Tax/Customs Lawyers.

@Stabit Advocates, we do offer Tax law Legal service or revenue law which is an area of law which deals with the constitutional, common-law, statutory, tax treaty, and regulatory rules that constitute the law applicable to taxation and also this shall entail customs policies among others.

14. Immigration Lawyers.

Stabit Advocates also has experts that will save you from any immigration stress for example; work permits and such related issues. Basically Immigration law refers to the national statutes, regulations, and legal precedents governing immigration into and deportation from a country. Strictly speaking, it is distinct from other matters such as naturalization and citizenship, although they are often conflated.

Our other areas of practice include but are not limited to environment and land law, Legal consultancies and business development, Debt recovery, Criminal law, Family Law, loans and mortgages documentation, Probate and Estate Planning, Guardianship, banking and finance, Constitutional, Administrative and Human Rights Law Legal research among others.

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