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STABIT ADVOCATES +250 789 366 274 +256 393 239 107

Stabit Advocates (SA) is one of the leading law firms in East Africa. We offer the best local and international expertise available both in practice and in the world bases on our international Stabit Advocates Firms/partners and– with the right level of relationships, insight and handy support staff.

Stabit Advocates is one of the growing Attorneys’ Firms and/or network throughout Africa. Through this network, the firm has two offices in Uganda and Rwanda but building capacity to expand in Kenya, Tanzania and the rest of Africa.

Stabit Advocates is an international Advocate Firm with a high level of Legal professionalism in all services which is at global weighbridge and was founded by a group of Legal professionals from diverse backgrounds and with broad Legal expertise, having an extensive and solid Legal Service experience in the region. Stabit Advocates is proven to be a specialized team of Attorneys and Legal professionals expedient in Legal service resulting from their practice and predominant skills together with their continuous Legal education in the relevant areas of practice.

Stabit Advocates was founded in September 2016 but formally registered in November 2017.We are a team of lawyers that have vested our practice in business support facilities and advice on investment. Our lawyers’ experience extends to years of proffering advice to clients undertaking weighty business transactions.

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