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REGISTER YOUR NGO IN RWANDA? It’s Very Easy And This Is Why;

REGISTER YOUR NGO IN RWANDA? It’s very easy and this is why;



It’s very easy and this is why;

A Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) is a non-profit organization that tries to achieve social or political aims but is not controlled by a government. The body that governs NGOs in Rwanda is the Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) take note!

The categories of non-governmental organizations include public interest organizations which serve public interests, Common interest organizations which act in a specific domain in favour of their members and foundation whose purpose is either to establish a fund or to collect funds, manage and use them to provide beneficiaries with support.

In Rwanda, there are two types of NGOs which are National NGOs and International NGOs take note! The main difference between a National NGO and International NGO is that an International NGO is established in accordance with foreign laws as compared to the National NGO which is or are set up in accordance with Rwandan laws.

  • Know about Registration of a National NGO;

Persons intending to register a National NGO in Rwanda are required to first apply for a temporary Certificate which is valid for a period of twelve (12) months after which they are required to apply for legal personality nine (9) months after issue of the temporary certificate which is three (3) months to the expiry of the temporary certificate.

A person applying for a temporary Certificate of registration of a National NGO writes an application letter to RGB and attaches documents including but not limited to the following;

  1. Authentic Statutes
  2. Head office and full address of the organization
  3. The name of the legal representative of the organization
  4. Action plan indicating activities to be conducted, beneficiaries, geographical scope and areas of intervention, activities timeframe, and budget allocated to each activity and source of fund.
  5. Proof of payment of application fees
  6. The name of his or her deputy, their duties, full address, Curriculum Vitae as well as their judicial records and the minutes of the General Assembly which appointed the legal representative of the Organization and the signatures of all the members that attended such a General Assembly meeting.

In the application for legal personality, the applicant for an NGO submits an application letter accompanied by a copy of the temporary certificate of registration of such NGO and proof of payment of registration fees among other requirements to Rwanda Governance Board.

  • Know about the Registration of an International NGO;

An International NGO wishing to operate in Rwanda applies for a registration certificate to Directorate General of Immigration and Emigration in accordance with the terms and conditions set by the said authority. An International NGO wishing to register in Rwanda shall be required to submit the following documents for registration;

  1. An authentic copy of the Statute of the Organisation,
  2. Official document allowing the organization to operate in the country of origin and indicating its geographical establishment throughout the world if any,
  3. The nature of activities in which the organization intends to engage in and an action plan
  4. The budget and its course, among others

To that end, our Stabit Advocates team of professionals is ready to assist you throughout the whole process of registration.

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